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Custodial Parent Statistics and Dating and Marriage Statistics

Custodial Parent Statistics

According U.S. Census Bureau November 2009
Many single parents are divorced. The divorce rate in USA is approximately 50%. Being divorced does not have the same stigma that it had 20 years ago.

  • Custodial Parent
  • Approximately 84% mothers (the majority of custodial parents are women)
  • Approximately 16% fathers
  • Custodial Mother Profile:
  • Approximately 45% divorced or separated 
  • Approximately 34% have never married 
  • Approximately 19% remarried
  • 1.7% widowed
  • Custodial Father Profile: 
  • Approximately 58% divorced or separated 
  • Approximately 21% have never married
  • Approximately 20% remarried 
  • Approximately less than 1% widowed

Single Parent Dating Tips and Online Safety Tips

Dating Tips:
Be Yourself:
 Be yourself this is a big step. First dates can be nerve racking. It is O.K. being nerves. You may not have been on a date in a long time. Compounded with the fact your may have only spent time with one special other. Your meeting someone you do not know. BUT just be yourself. Your looking for someone that wants to date you for your real self. Not someone that you think you should be. Do not role play just be your Beautiful self. Common online dating complaints honesty about: age, profession, height and weight. For some women or men age and weight can be a sticky propositions. Honesty is the best policy.

Adult Conversation:
We all love our children but on the first or second date if the conversation is 90% about your children you are not going to learn anything about each other. You want to find out about your dating partner's interests, professional goals, temperament, attitude toward family life and world views. On the first date you cannot explore the whole person but a few topic tips. Adult conversations can start out with movie, music and or book favorites. A few of these topic tips get a conversation started.

Understanding of Time:
Being a single parent is demanding. The children have to be taken to school and picked up. There is homework. In addition, Baseball practice, football practice, basketball practice, piano lessons, dance lessons and or soccer. Cooking dinner and maintaining a home. Most parent have professional jobs. Both partners should be understanding of their mates busy and demanding schedules. Do not try to squeeze a date in between your daily parental schedule. Set aside a date time just for you and your date. Call it Mom Date Time and Dad Date Time.

Have a Good Babysitter:
Have a good babysitter on hand. You want a babysitter that you can trust with your children and in your home. The babysitter should conform to the schedule you have set for your children. You cannot have a good date if you are worried about your children's security. Inform sitter about time leaving and the approximate time you will return home. Give the baby sitter your cell phone number and your where abouts. In addition to your phone number give babysitter emergency phone numbers. Those numbers maybe your parents and or neighbor.

Take Extra Time for Yourself:
Single parents tend to be selfless. Your primary concern are your children their education, diet, hygiene, health, appearances and well being. Parents may forget about their their our well being and appearances. 30 to 60 minutes before your date make it your time. Have the babysitter come early or drop the kids off early at your parents, for your preparation time. Your date preparation time: relax and take a bubble bath a few extra minutes in the shower. Remember when you were a teen-ager and sat in the mirror looking at yourself priming and primping for hours. I am no suggesting hours but extra time pampering yourself. Confidence in appearance will enhance self confidence.

Personal Profile:
Personal dating service require completion of personal profile. Be honest and give up to date photos. Two of the main falsehoods are age and weight. Save time and be honest.

Online Dating Safety Tips
There are online dating safety tips. Regarding money, politeness, comfortable and uncomfortable situations. Please review suggestions.

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Single Parent Dating | Single Parent Meet Dating Sites

Single Parent Dating Online
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